Yummy and affordable eateries in Karachi


If you’re hungry and are looking for reasonably priced delicious meals then this is perfect for you. Yes! There are many food places in Karachi which offer tasty and affordable food items on their menu. You don’t always have to go to posh restaurants to have a good plate of food. Instead, you can simply order food from small but delicious food chains or enjoy the meal in your car seat, that too, without spending a huge amount of your hard earned money.

Biryani Centre

This is one of the most famous biryani chains in Karachi. It is located in a number of areas in Karachi. It offers a flavorsome spicy plate of biryani which is enough to feed one person. It is quite reasonable as one plate costs close to rupees 150 and even if you order a bottle of coke or sprite or maybe even water you will not be spending more than rupees 250! What a great way to enjoy quality time with your plate of reasonably priced biryani!

Tikka Inn

For people who love a well-seasoned and peppery hot chicken tikka with a crispy paratha, then Tikka Inn is the place which will always be there for you! Although competition from other food chains tend to take crowds away from our favorite Tikka Inn, their chutnis and raita are incomparable, especially with a freshly served salad. A cherry on top is that you can have all this in just about rupees 350. What a great deal!


Red Apple

Offering a wide variety of rolls, red apple never fails to meet our expectations when it comes to a finely cooked and wrapped roll. Whether a Bihari boti roll, a chicken chutni roll, a chicken cheese roll or a seekh kabab roll, you name it and they will serve it! Two rolls from red apple will cost you less than rupees 500. Without leaving your wallet empty, you can have a fine and quite filling meal.


Chaats from Mirchili are famous all over Karachi. It has many shops located in the city. It is also located in malls such as dolmen where people usually have snacks. Their plates of chaat, their ghappa ghotalas, bun kababs and of course, their gol gappas will never disappoint you if you’re a fan of a good spicy mix of channa chaats. The burst of flavor is worth trying. It will all cost you less than even rupees 500 when ordering a serving for one person! After all, a good plate of food never does harm to anyone.


The Burger Shack

If you are a fast food person or want to step out of desi food and try something different which is not too costly then burger shack is a good option. They offer freshly made burgers and are located all around the city. They successfully cater customers, even competition does not stop Burger Shack from doing what it does best, and that is offering good, tasty and filling burgers.

Apart from being known as the city of lights, Karachi also has many food places that offer good food at a reasonable price. So do not waste your time and money on unnecessarily expensive food items and try these affordable food places as soon as you can!

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