What foods you should and should not eat?- according to your zodiac.

We figured out for you which foods are good for you according to your star signs! Because zodiac affects everything, your compatibility with our signs, your choice of home decor and even your eating habits! so, the next time you get the munchies on, consider which foods may be more suitable for you, in light of your sign. These tasty and restorative suggestions are certain to satisfy your sense of taste.


Aries: March 21-April 19

Aries are the most health conscious of all the zodiac signs, so they eat gradually and carefully select each element they consume.

foods to stock: oranges, grapefruit, capers

foods to avoid: fiery foods like jalapenos, or pot chili

for an easypeasy orange squeasy (and healthy) drink:


Taurus: April 20-May 20

Taureans on the other hand, cherish spicy and zesty food, hot and invigorating. They don’t have time for long meals since they are always occupied with work, and have an unfortunate propensity to eat too quick in order to save time. They pick foods rich in calories, however much of the time this serves their dynamic nature exceptionally well.

foods to stock: rice, citrus fruits, apples

foods to avoid: refined sugar, mayonnaise

suggested: Jalapenos Rice

Gemini: May 21-June 20

Geminis locals are the most picky of all stars—as are their stomachs. They prefer delicate dishes- anything in a light French sauce- and have a tendency to appreciate eating at fancy restaurants and all sorts of fine dining venues.

foods to stock: avocados, peas, potatoes,

foods to avoid: sweets, refined sugar, and alcohol

Try Avocado on French Mayonaise:



Cancer: June 21-July 22

Cancers are exceptionally delicate—both emotionally and with regard to their stomachs. As opposed to Geminis, They’re pulled towards comfort foods and have a tendency to appreciate eating at home as opposed to eating out.

foods to stock: cheddar, mayonnaise,

foods to avoid: Spicy food, salt, and alcohol

your go to special: good ol’ cheese fries!

Leo: July 23-August 22

Leos are genuine gastronomes. They have a tremendous appetites and know how to appreciate food. Consuming less calories is a torment for them, while cooking – a genuine delight.

foods to stock: coconut, walnuts

foods to avoid: Coffee, root vegetables (e.g. potatoes and radishes)

recommended: coconut rice with walnuts and cashews


Virgo: August 23-September 22

Virgo are among those individuals who almost never go through obesity. For them, a good conversation during a meal is more necessary than the food they’re consuming and they really appreciate good company while eating. It makes their day. Eating might not even be among their top activities, but they like being creative in the kitchen.

foods to stock: lentils, pumpkin, walnuts

foods to avoid: yeasty foods, and refined sugar

Just so you know, this Walnut and Red Lentil Hummus is just as irresistible as it looks:

Libra: September 23-October 22

Libras are known all around for their kitchenette tricks. They love local food, and can be often found at street-food corners. They also enjoy cooking for themselves and no one can resist their cooking. These individuals hate sharing their food and tend to eat until they are full to bursting.

foods to stock: bananas, fruit juices, olives

foods to avoid: salt, and alcohol

for an easy, yummy breakfast option, combine bananas and eggs to make pancakes!

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Scorpions like dining out with friends and a generally sophisticated eating environment. They’re usually on the quest for new food inventions and like to experiment with unique food combinations

foods to stock: whole-grain cereals, pears

foods to avoid: dairy products

for one of the oddest yet yummiest combos try peanut butter and avocado:

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Sagittarius love simple homemade food that’s prepared with a lot of love. and tend to have a sweet tooth. They’re also quite particular about the cleanliness and freshness of their food and are usually considered to be the healthiest eaters of all star signs.

foods to stock: fennel, pomegranates

foods to avoid: carbonated beverages, yeasty foods

recommended: Rhubarb and Fennel Tard to satisfy that ever present sweet craving!

Why Not Try : Rhubarb

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Capricorn love to eat because they wish to make the most of life’s abundance. They accept—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that they are what they eat. Also, they make awesome company at the table, continually spicing up the food with stories about their claims to fame, recipes.

foods to stock: pumpkin, oysters

foods to avoid: Oily foods, salt

protip: add pumpkin sauce to your sea-food pasta


Aquarius: January 20th-February 18th

To an Aquarius, eating is a workman’s art. They want to have everything reasoned and portioned, which implies they’re extremely mindful of part size. Not all that perfect? They additionally have a tendency to have a trouble choosing what to eat.

foods to stock: artichokes, mushrooms, beets

foods to avoid: Rich and heavy foods

suggested: Artichoke and potato salad

Pisces: February 19th-March 20

Pisces are not mean with regards to sharing food and are frequently inclined toward low-calorie foodstuff. When stressed, they will eat whatever comes their way and should be cautious with junk. Individuals conceived under this sign are often vegans, because of their peaceful nature.

foods to stock: non dairy cheeses, vegan yogurt, nuts

foods to avoid: olives, figs, and garlic

A secret: the above mentioned artichoke salad is a great option for our vegan peeeps!



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