“To Purr or not to Purr” Only Cat Lovers Will understand this

Cats are truly phenomenal creatures and their behavior can often leave you in awe…or cursing your luck because your cat pushed a glass off the table for no reason. While some breeds may go easy on you, the quintessential feline habits persist and continue to make you sigh in adoration or frustration. Here are a few cat norms you will recognize. If you own a cat, get ready to relate, big time.

 Everything that moves is a threat

Now your cat might not be as paranoid as Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island but it is pretty darn close. In cat language, movement equals danger. You might just be lying in bed, using your phone as usual when your cat will run half way across the room and POUNCE on your foot because you wiggled your toe for ¼ of a second. Similarly, clothes, papers, even leaves moving because of the wind have an evil vendetta unfolding and it’s up to your super catto to stop them.

A box? Well, why I am not in it yet?

You might just be feeling generous towards your feline friend on a random day so you buy them a toy. Little do you know, the real valuable asset is the box it comes in. Cats are plagued by an obsession with boxes or square containers and will fight tooth and nail to fit in it, even if it’s a one-way journey. This activity is not just limited to boxes either. Cats naturally want to stick their nose into every space possible,

just to see if there is a party inside they aren’t invited to.

Hotel for Cats

House cats, once kept, tend to stick around for a long time. Mostly. Wandering off is frequent cat behavior and if you’re a protective cat mom like me, that means a cardiac arrest will ensue. Leaving a door or window open accidentally, even for a couple of minutes means the opposite of Hello Kitty. Not only do they leave the house, they will run away, like you’ve kept them prisoner their whole life. In the end, they stroll back in like nothing happened or incessantly meow at the door like, ‘I’m back. And I’m hungry’.

Special Me-wows

While you might think cats are a little on the loony side, they’re actually smart, cunning creatures. Cats have special assigned meows for moods and you know exactly what they want. A small meow while entering the room is a greeting for their human, long and high pitched meows are signs of hunger and sometimes there are custom meows just for special times they want to cuddle. Or when they never want to see you again.

Only Fur you

The color of your cat is also the color of most of the fabric in your house. Especially in summers, cats tend to shed a great amount of their fur and public enemy no.1 is obviously your clothes, the sofas, beds and anything where the hair will stick. That’s not it though. Constant reinforcement is necessary for cats as well, so there’s no point of washing. You just give in.

I can see that bug from 300 meters away but not the food at my feet

Unlike their nephews, cats are blessed with massive levels of dumbness which they don’t really notice but their owners get the full package. It includes having to deal with exceptional senses of smell and sight in our cats but ineptness to actually spot their litter box 6 inches away from them. As a cat owner, you must literally hold treats and food to their mouth because they’ll never be able to find it otherwise.

This expensive plate will look better on the floor, in pieces

Cats having pet peeves is the irony of all ironies. Be it a bottle of lotion or a glass antique, cats transform into interior designers the moment they spot an object on a surface other than the floor. They slowly test the object first, pawing it carefully, pushing it around before striking with full force and dropping it off wherever it was. You can either own nice things, or a cat.

 She is beauty, She is grace, She always drops to the bass

Unlike the namesake, cat walks are anything but graceful. With what looks like miniature seizures in their limbs, cats have sudden moments when they have to be weird. This includes them being pulled by an invisible force off surfaces, suddenly lying down to fight the air, death stares into the distance and drastically high jumps at the instant sight of other animals.

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