The Do’s and Don’ts Post-Breakup


  • Get reading

Reading is sometimes precisely what you require after a breakup. It’s not necessary to find something that’s intended to improve how you feel or any other self-helpy stuff. Getting yourself a genuine af work of literature might just be what you need to get over a broken heart. It’s likewise smart to invest your mind in a book that is an honest and yet hilarious account of an experience similar to yours.


Was She Pretty? By Leanne Shapton

  • Change your look

Changing it up doesn’t have to be about looking great to find yourself another partner or to get the old one to come back — it is also often tied to improving how you feel about yourself. If you’re going through a breakup, you might find yourself wanting to switch things up.

A haircut is probably the easiest way to bring a dramatic change to your look. And it’s my personal opinion that eyeliner looks great on both genders(if you know how to do it.)

  • Distance yourself from the drama

It’s hard not to get sucked into a war of words on the web, perhaps the most serious risk in this hair-trigger time of online networking. In any case, in the event that you have shade inbound, it’s smarter to separate yourself from all the soap. Once everyone comprehends that you won’t remark via web any longer, the intrigue will soon be lost.

  • If staying friends isn’t a choice, detaching digitally is essential.

As a general rule, the issues that influenced a couple to choose not to be seeing someone don’t change after a separation. And if one partner is still emotionally involved, while the other isn’t, it does not constitute a decent base for a friendship. Therefore, remaining connected with your ex may trigger some destructive emotions.

  • Go out, and get things done

Set aside some time(four days max!!) to work out what turned out badly and why. But after that let your own life resume. Go out and meet friends as opposed to sitting alone at home reflecting over everything. However do try not to hop into another relationship before you have sincerely managed your previous one.

  • Counseling

Each individual’s emotional support system differs from another. A few people require comfort after a breakup, while others require a private place to nurse their injuries.

In any case, nobody deserves to suffer alone, so at the very least ping a DM or message a grieving friend to tell them you’re there for them.


  • Don’t involve social media

With the advancement of online networking, managing breakups is far less simple than it used to be. So you don’t simply say a final farewell to somebody’s physical self — you need to say a final farewell to their online networking self as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat- disconnect everywhere. Block them if need be. After all, you can always add them back after matters have cooled down a bit.

  • no insulting your ex at the workplace

Or any public place for that matter. A relationship is a private issue, so if any arguments arise, settle them accordingly, especially if you expect your ex to be too emotional. Be considerate of their feelings as well.

  • Don’t hang on to any of their stuff as ‘souvenirs’

That old sweatshirt might be comfortable as hell, however, the memories connected to it likely aren’t. Ditch it, and whatever other tokens that bring you more torment than happiness.

  • No comparing yourself

So both of you weren’t a match. That is absolutely OK! Don’t pummel yourself if you see that they’re content with another person. It says nothing in regards to your value— all it says is that they’ve found somebody they are more in tune with, which you’re more than capable of doing, as well.

  • Don’t remain angry

Indulging in your sorrow for too long isn’t healthy, however, nor is clutching to your outrage. It won’t resolve what occurred amongst you and your ex and will just set you back in the healing process. Sometimes, it’s more sensible to just let go.

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