The 8 Ultimate Anti-Dark Circle Products

We all dislike the signs of aging on our skin, (nobody grows old as gracefully as JLo). No matter how much we want, getting that Twilight vampire smooth skin without dark circles is almost impossible (unless you’re Kareena Kapoor). Dark circles can be any woman’s or even man’s worst enemy after a late night, but thank God for scientists we have a few products to eliminate them.

Dark circles can haunt your eyes for a number of reasons. They can occur due to sleep deprivation, toota hua dil, stress or an unbalanced diet. Not to fret hun, dark circles are a common part in this part of the world, because unfortunately they can be transferred genetically too. Sigh.

But here is a list of products that help you effectively banish and prevent dark circles.

  1. Lancome Advanced Genifique Yeux

This light pearl eye illuminator has a youth activating concentrate within its carefully crafted formula to help baggy under eyes and dark circles.

Engineered with a flexible teardrop massage applicator that helps reach even the tricky upper ye and corner areas, this formula will instantly tighten the lose skin under your eyes and gives noticeable results against fine lines and even wrinkles within six weeks.

The product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, so you won’t feel greasy after using it. A must try!

2. Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Eye Cream

This is one of Estee Lauder’s miracle products. It’s a three-in-one gift from the beauty gods delivering the lifted look, firmer feeling, and a radiance that instantly makes you look fresh.

esteelauder.comThe cream includes Estee Lauder’s exclusive Photo-Activated and Nocturnal Lift Complexes to help boost the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. Luminizing optics instantly blur the look of fine, dry lines giving your under eye a younger, supple look. Use twice a day for maximum results.

3. The Body Shop Vitamin-E Eye Cream

Made from all natural products, this product has reviews where women claim it as their best friend againts dark circles. However, to achieve a maximum effect, pair it with moisturiser if you have a dry/sensitive skin.

3 months has been described as the time taken by this light-weight cream to completely banish puffiness and dark circles. It’s pros: cheaper than most and Body Shop gives it dil khol kei in the tube which lasts around 5 months.

4. Kinerase Restructure Eye Cream

Hailed by InStyle magazine as the best eye cream ever invented to battle dark circles and puffy eyes, this product is available on Amazon. The intense cream contains a restructure formula to sculpt, tighten and rejuvenate the under eye area. It contains the plant growth hormone kinetin that aids in moisture retention. Use twice daily for maximum results.

5. Clinique Anti-Fatique Cooling Eye Gel

Primarily meant for men, I have seen women very satisfied with the reduction in dark circles after using this product too. It instantly eliminates puffiness from the under eye and firms the skin. The cooling sensation of the gel gives a refreshing feeling.

fresh-beauty-au.com6. Eveline Cosmetics 24K Gold and Diamonds Eye Cream

This is the revolutionary weapon in the fight against dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

Containing 24K gold, diamond’s micro-particles and a blend od aesthetic medicine, this child of modern cosmetology is the ultimate deal when it comes to an over-night fixer for dark circles and fine lines.

The ingredients lighten, firm and hydrate the under eye area for optimum results.

7. Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream

The company that has mastered skin care. The mineral pigments get to work instantly after application, diffusing the light around the eyes to reduce the darkness under eyes and the appearance of fine lines.

In addition to its eye-brightening benefits, it’s also loaded with anti-aging actives like niacinamide (to fade dark spots), vitamin E (to defend against environmental aggressors), and an anti-wrinkle peptide (to smooth creases and crow’s-feet).

8. Andrew for Origins Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimizer

A product that is hard to come by, but that makes it even harder for dark circles to ever come back. The rich cream goes a long way, sp even a pea-sized amount will be good to go even for the super-dry skin types. The ingredient list includes Rosa roxiburghii, a flower containing brightening vitamin C to lighten brown spots and fade dark areas. Mica particles diffuse light to mimic a full night’s sleep, giving you the younger, refreshed look from the Vogue’s covers.

Happy dark circle ridding, babes! (and dudes, if any)

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