Want to Look Your best during the day? do these things before going to bed at night

There are no morning people, there are only psychopaths. Let’s be honest, sleep is probably the greatest thing to ever exist (after food, of course) and is the equivalent to the weekend. If you’re one of the people being happy when it’s over…. who hurt you?  However, our hatred for mornings may just have more to do with our sleeping routines (or lack of) than our existentialism. Luckily for you, we have compiled a checklist that you can follow to be your absolute best all day, erriday (mental illnesses notwithstanding).

Turn off your phone an hour before you go to sleep

Our moms called it. Not only are our phones responsible for emitting radiation that is a danger to the two brain cells we have left after we’re done watching TV, they’re bad for our eyes and interrupt our internal circadian cycles. This is how Inception started, kids. Stay safe, and remember to say goodnight to Mark the FBI guy watching us through our phone camera.

Remove all leftover makeup

Trust me, I know how tempting it is to just leave all that makeup on after a tiring day but unless you want to wake up looking like the Grinch and having a surprise visit from Chunky the Pimple and his family, I wouldn’t advise it. Taking a few minutes to cleanse your face and rid it of grime or investing in good makeup wipes will open and clean your pores and save you a lot of pain the next day.

Apply hand cream

Even though keeping your hands moisturized during the day is important, it’s even more important to do so at night, since it is the time when our body does most of its rejuvenation and growth. If you want moisturized and hydrated cuticles and fingernails that can grow long enough to make you reigning queen of catfights, this is where it’s at, ladies!

Pinning your hair back

I, for one, cannot understand people who sleep with their hair open. Like, what if it strangles you while you’re asleep? It’s a legit fear, people. However, this step has nothing to do with my (ir)rational fear. Pinning your hair back will keep oil and dirt from your scalp off your face. Additionally, braiding or tying your hair will prevent that infamous bed head that probably takes you precious minutes to tame in the morning. I don’t know about you, but fabulous hair is enough to make me a morning person any day!

Sleeping with your head on an elevated surface

The only thing worse than not getting enough sleep? Looking like you didn’t get enough sleep. Eye bags, I’m looking at you. If yours can give Prada a run for its money, this may be a lifesaver. Sleeping with an extra pillow or with your head a few inches higher than the rest of your body will counter the excessive natural pooling of fluids that leads to puffiness, making you look and feel alert.

Get proper sleep

Whoever said beauty sleep is a myth probably hadn’t been getting any. No beauty hacks can do for you what a solid 8 hours of sleep can (or 11, if you’re me. And no, mom, I’m not on drugs. This is who I am). If you have trouble falling asleep, drinking chamomile tea is a good fix since it relaxes your nervous system. Proper sleep ensures your circulation isn’t impaired and keeps your body healthy and rest increases your productivity. It isn’t the #GOAT for no reason.

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