Most Loved Ice cream Places in Karachi- a Must Try

Who doesn’t like ice cream these days, nobody ever wants to miss a chance of having soft, creamy, silky smooth ice cream. It is like heaven, especially when you try ice cream on a hot summer day or even when you have it during a cold winter night. Here are some of the best ice cream places in Karachi which you must go to if you’re an ice cream lover.

The Hotspot

It is one of the very first and an infamous dessert parlor situated with multiple outlets in the city. They have a unique dessert offering menu. Not only is their menu satisfying but looking at the various flavors of ice cream also pleases the eye. More than that their ice cream is absolute yum! Chocolate, kit kat, blueberry, pistachio, vanilla, Oreo or strawberry. You name it and they will serve it! Oh, and a special on the menu is mint chocolate. Once you try it you will know that it was worth your time and money.


This ice cream is a delight! It is made right in front of you! The first minute it’s only ice cream batter and the other minute has scoops of ice cream to offer! And when you see it immerging from a cloud of smoky liquid nitrogen, it will definitely feel like magic! You must try their blueberry cheesecake and Nutella cheesecake flavors! They will sweep you off your feet!


Kaybee’s is one of the oldest ice cream spots of Karachi and is definitely LOVED by its customers. Their unique and delicious ice cream flavors rule over our hearts since forever. Their mango flavor paired with vanilla and blueberry is amazing. Not only that, the ice cream cone is huge it is probably the largest cone offered in the city. It is a must-try place for ice cream lovers in the city.

Peshawari ice cream

Peshawari ice cream needs no introduction in terms of the quality of its most famous and unique Peshawari ice cream which is a mix of milk, sugar, and loads of malayi. Not only is this flavor unforgettable but also their crunch flavor is worth trying. The reasons for their popularity are not a mystery for any of us as we know the quality and deliciousness is incomparable.



Lals undoubtedly has one of the best chocolate ice creams available in the city. When it comes to chocolaty goodness, Lals never fails to add its unique touch to the ice cream that they offer. The velvety touch which their ice creams have along with the delicious rich and creamy flavor is just outstanding. It is a must-have ice cream.

So if you are also an ice cream lover like us, then you must go to enjoy the various flavors offered by all these places.  They will definitely make your ice cream experiences and journeys more memorable with a touch of deliciousness on every single step you take!

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