Meat the cheese: a delicious and innovative new pizza

Pizza is a delicious Italian meal that is loved by almost everyone! It has everything that one would want to have as a part of a mouth-watering plate of Meat, veggies, a tasty pizza sauce, all covered in a heavenly layer of cheese over a crispy yet soft on the inside layer of warm bread. Nothing can compare to the joy of looking at a waiter in a restaurant bringing a flavorful, yummy looking pizza towards you.

A delicious upturn experience!

‘Meat the Cheese’ is taking this uniqueness and our love for pizza to a whole new level. It is famous for using a variety of cheese in the pizza which they serve. To name a few, Pepperjack and Gouda are trending the most. This rare combination of cheese is sure to drive anyone crazy with a burst of delicious flavor at any time.

Their pot pie dish is a treat for the eye AND a surprise too! It is an upside down pizza with a ton of flavors with almost five different spices. Its spicy tomato sauce takes the spiciness of the pizza to a whole new level of taste. Oh! How can one forget the delicious smell of the crispy golden brown crust! Hungry?

Is your love for cheese never-ending?

This upside down pizza is a treat for cheese lovers all over Karachi. When you walk into the restaurant and experience the aroma of cheese, how one can resist the temptation of having a mouthful of flavorsome, warm, innovative and tasty pizza with chunks of mushrooms and pepperoni. I know I can’t! The wait is now over for pizza lovers and cheese fans, thanks to Meat the Cheese which is just around the corner!

Tasty, tempting and innovative!

Rush to Meat the Cheese in Defense’s Bukhari Commercial to calm your cravings. If this delicious upturn pizza does not make you want to quit all thoughts of healthy eating right now then I don’t know what will! You absolutely cannot find a plate of food as tempting and flavorsome as this upturn pizza.

This upturn styled pizza is a new and different trend in Pakistan but it has been around for years all around the globe. It’s around for almost three to four decades. Since Pakistan is now also lucky enough to have this unique kind of pizza, Meat the Cheese is a place where you should definitely go to experience the must-try pot pie pizza.

Like I said, pizza is one dish which never fails to impress no matter what kind of pizza it is, whether it be a large slice of pizza from a wood-fired oven or a small pan pizza just to calm your cravings.

Let alone work, even if you want to simply hang out with your friends or a bunch of family members shows up at your doorstep or you do not know where to dine in for lunch, pizza is always there to save the day!

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