Lahore Lahore Hai! Gawalmandi Or Fort Rd Food Street?

Lahore is the most popular city in Pakistan, the core reason behind its popularity is the variety of food offered by multiple food stalls, restaurants and kiosk present around the corners. This town is also known as the Food Hub, isn’t it interesting a city passionate about Food, this is something different.

Lahore is a perfect place to visit especially for foodies and Lahoris are a perfect example of actual food lovers themselves. Here passion of food is shown by the availability of two food streets in one town Gawalmandi (old food street) and Fort Rd Food Street, both of them are famous for their own food specialties and authentic settings. The thing which makes these places so exceptional and different from each other is the amazing antiquity view and the perfect touch of open air full of delicious food aroma, now this is called a perfect location to dine in.

How this Concept of Food Street Was Introduced

It all started back in 1950’s, after migration from India to the newly formed Pakistan. At that time majority of the people were unemployed, so they earn by setting up small stalls of food or tradeable goods in front of their own premises. Soon with this tradition all over the street, delicious food variety was available at every corner of the street and this is how the transformation of Gawalmandi into Gulberg of 1950’s took place and a food street was formed.


Have you heard this phrase, Old is Gold? Gawalmandi has proved it to be a gem for Lahore. In 2000 it became its first food street, offering yummy, mouthwatering and variety of delicious food.

Fort Rd Food Street is the newly founded food street, the historical building, like Baansan-Wala Bazaar and Mayo Hospital has given this place a unique and exquisite ambiance. Both the streets are different from one another, having a story of its own.

Food Variety

Either you visit a new food street or the old one, both are famous for their own food specialties and their signature dishes.

Gawalmandi Food Street:

Foodies, Gawalmandi food street is famous for traditional mouthwatering dishes particularly. Here, one can enjoy traditional dishes like Haleem, Kheer, Lahori Chargha and much much more. Now, this is making me hungry, what about you? At this old food street, the list is never-ending, this place is full of surprises.

Fort Rd Food Street:

This is newly founded Street, the difference which makes this place more attractive is the variety of different cuisines and international restaurants available around. Besides the traditional dishes, people can have Chinese, Italian and stomach filling Desi Cuisines at this spot.

I am confused already, are you facing the same daunting situation what to order and from where to start?

No matter how many varieties are around, but nothing can beat our Desi Pakistani Dishes. Ready for a trip to enjoy the meals, which can fill your tummy with mouthwatering and delicious cuisines.

Lahore Lahore Hai!

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