La Tomatina food festival, and why should you attend it!

La Tomatina is a food battle celebration held on the last Wednesday of August annually in the town of Bunol close to Valencia in Spain. The water substance of tomatoes is around 95%. The other 5% comprise basically starches and fiber. One medium estimated tomato (123 grams) contains just 22 calories. Since one of the chief tomato-rearing locales of Spain is the southeast, including Murcia and Valencia, it seems suitable that the well-known tomato battle happens in Buñol, west of the capital city of Valencia.



This celebration began after the World War II with numerous legends and figures moving for their title as per the official story which mentions a yearly parade of tremendous figures with enormous heads figures going through the roads of Buñol. Some youngsters while attempting to join the procession, unintentionally thumped one of the figures who became irate and instantly assaulted the individuals he saw. The youngsters snatched a few tomatoes from an adjacent vegetable vendor and began tossing them at the figure. The battle started. Eventually, the police arrived and put an end to the fight. However, this fight became a tradition and the reason it has made it’s due as a yearly custom is that it’s plain fun.

As per La Tomatina’s official website, there are five straightforward guidelines that must be taken after as “basic principles of civil obligation.”


Official Rules:

  • You cannot bring bottles or different kinds of articles which could cause a mischance.
  • You should not tear or toss shirts.
  • The tomatoes must be squashed before tossing, to abstain from harming individuals.
  • You must be watchful of any vehicle
  • When the hour is up (they announce a water-gun shot), you must quit tossing tomatoes.


What Happens

The celebration does not start until the point when one brave soul has moved to the highest point of a two-story high, oiled up a wooden shaft and achieved the ham- a cherished part of this tradition. Researchers have long been aware of improvements in the absorption of food carotenoids when oils like extra virgin olive oil are included in a recipe or meal that features carotenoid-rich foods. Since tomatoes definitely count as a carotenoid-rich food. Practically speaking this procedure takes quite a while and the celebration begins even if nobody achieves the substantial prize after which the battle begins.



Following is an hour long battle after which the tomato mash is flushed from the ground and the streets are spotless because of the acidity of the tomato.


How to attend:

Preceding 2013 somewhere in the range of 40k to 50k individuals packed into this immense tomato battle, incredibly growing Bunol’s ordinary nine thousand person populace. Since 2013 authority ticketing has been restricting the number of members to only twenty thousand fortunate individuals.

There is a restricted settlement for people who come to La Tomatina, Many of these individuals take the easier choice of remaining close by and using the local buses. See the official webpage of La Tomatina. This site has bunches of data on the celebration including tips on what to wear and loads of photographs of members going insane in the boulevards!


Why should you attend:

It’s a food fight mates. Y’all need another reason?

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