Adeel Chaudry


Adeel Chaudhry is a Pakistani food connoisseur, restaurateur and Chef. He is the first Pakistani food connoisseur to be featured in Forbes. Adeel currently serves as an Advisor to Ministry of Science and Technology (Pakistan) and is the CEO of Junoon restaurant. Adeel was born in Lahore.

Top Muslim Food Connoisseur in the world-Restaurateur -Advisor To Government

Adeel Chaudhry ex-Advisor to the ministry of science and technology Pakistan and tourism is a Food Connoisseur-Chef- Consultant-Philanthropist-Motivational Speaker-Athlete. Adeel Chaudry is the owner of best desi restaurant chain in Pakistan called Junoon Restaurant and desserts brand called Junooni which is very Popular amongst the youth. He has been dubbed as the ‘new-age food Connoisseur. Apart from restaurants , Adeel is food consultant and social media Food celebrity, Motivational speaker, philanthropist and Ambassador of Food and has fan following of millions world wide.


He is the only connoisseur of Pakistan to get recognized world wide by BBC (UK), Gulf Today (Dubai), Al Arabiya (Middle East), Voice of America exclusively along with Local top Media , Ary, Geo, Sama tv etc and top publications Parhlo, Tribune, Fuchsia magazine, Sunday times, Hello, and has been interviewed by local online channels to talk about his struggles, ambitions and to rank Pakistan on world’s map in food scene. Adeel was ranked amongst top 5 Muslim Food connoisseurs in the world and gets invited by the Dubai government for Dubai Food Festival and London Food festival every year.

The Chaudry effect has been felt all the way in Dubai, Adeel is famous for his passion for Food theatrics , his fitness regime .

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