Dieting and Summers go hand in Hand “Garmi anei wali nahin, garmi agayi hai”! And with the soaring temperatures and raging lawn wars, comes the worry that we cannot hide that tummy behind jackets and coats anymore. Sigh. So, it’s time we hit Google with the “Fastest way to lose 5kgs in a week” searches. Pause. Lucky for you, we have come up with a realistic comparison between weight loss techniques and what works where. Itni garmi mein andei kha kei marna hai?

Hollywood Diets

The H-town is filled with amazing body transformations, and here is what the celebs did.

Worked OUT!

Scott Pearlman, Karen’s advisor.

Pun intended. From Anne Hathaway for her role as Catwoman to Karen Gillian in Jumanji: Into The Jungle, Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow and the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot these #bodygoals women worked their muscles wherever they could and whenever they could. They worked hard, in Hathway and Gadot’s case there was stunt training 5 times a week along with gym, to achieve their tabdeeli. So, sitting on the couch and staying hungry all day will do you no good if you don’t move around or take a walk at the very least. An hour in the gym, however, can work wonders. According to Scott Pearlman, who trained Karen Gillian (the uber hot Ruby Roundhouse in Jumanji) you don’t necessarily have to die every day in the gym to whip yourself into shape “A little can go a long way.”  Since these babes also had to tone their muscles while dropping those extra (not really) pounds, they had to tone their body, hence majority of the focus of their trainers was on building an strengthening muscles. Core-training, strength training, circuit training with weights: that’s all it takes to get the purr-fect body and oh remember, himmat-e-mardan madad-e-khuda!

Ate clean AND lean.

All of these celebs followed an almost-vegan, anti-inflammatory (whoa big word, Google it) diet that contained loads of protein, fibre and zero red meat! Bye, bye aloo qeema and mutton karahi. While, as a Pakistani saying no to red meat feels like an impossible task ( nihari, you will always have our heart) apparently, if you want to fit into a cat-suit or a swimming suit in the summers, cutting out red meat is the fastest way to drop those few stubborn pounds. Hathaway, Gadot and Gillian, all had to refrain from dairy products too and had to substitute it with almond and soy milk. Giving up lassi in the heat might be a small price you’ll have to pay for an envious waist.

These diets are not all bad. According to an interview with Hathaway’s trainer, Jackie Keller, the actress was allowed to eat desserts like chocolate brownies and chocolate cake as long as they were gluten-free and made of dark chocolate (atleast 70% cocoa) Where most of her diet consisted of legumes, bright and red-orange vegetables that are high in anti-oxidants (kinoo, yes!), dark-green, leafy veggies, ginger and turmeric, Hathaway could indulge in fish, shrimp and chicken as protein sources. On top of this, Gadot and Johansson’s trainers allowed them chocolate and vanilla flavored protein shakes, snack bars, peanut butter (thank God) AND even almond-milk and chocolate shakes. All actresses ate every two-to three hours with a total calorie consumption of 1600-1800 calories per day, and that is commitment that makes me want to say Astagfar!

Very Few Cheat Days but Carbs Allowed (Shukar)

No matter how small their waistlines are, these celebrities are in the end, human. So they were allowed cheat days and our favorite, CARBS too. Hold on. They couldn’t eat pizza (although Anne Hathaway had one after she wrapped filming her stunt sequence) their carbs were based on brown rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. An according to their trainers, the best time of day to eat a bit heavy, if you want, is breakfast. These complex carbohydrates release slowly in the bloodstream so it’s better to eat them when you have loads of time afterwards to digest them. Scarlett Johansson, standing on 5 ft 3 however, had less relaxation when it came to cheat meals. So short girls, you can nibble on quinoa and popcorn as a treat, not the salted, buttered one though; the dry one. Canned and processed food like chips, candy and even fruit cocktails are a big no!

Drank Their Weight Away

Not in the Devdas way, in the “drink more than 8 glasses of water a day” way. Here’s what Jackie Keller says about water consumption. Heed her words, kids. Other than their abnormal water consumption, they relied on detox juices (very expensive and not widely available here) and kale and moringa smoothies to boost their metabolism, and these are both more bitter in taste than our adversary kareila. What you can do is substitute kale for spinach and the electrolytes in detox juices for coconut water (Karachites, no excuse holding you back).

Karen Gillian displaying her amazing Jumanji bod.

Lollywood Diets

Mere deish ki dharti sauna uglei, uglei heerei the form of beautiful actresses. Our favorite weight-loss inspiration in Lollywood include the lovely Parchi girl: Hareem Farooq, the beauty, cutie: Ayesha Omar and jiskei thumkon kei hain sab deewanei: Sohai Ali Abroo. And here is what the desi girls did for weight loss.

Portion Control and No Personal Trainers

With Hareem’s benchmark set on being able to run 45 minutes on the treadmill, her goal was to be healthy and not have a size-zero body. Curves, galore. She did not employ any trainer and says that a maximum of four days per week with 20 minutes per day for working out are “more than enough” to get into shape. According to Hareem, if you want to, then go ahead and indulge in “a whole-wheat paratha” for breakfast, since it’s the most important meal of the day. And then there was Hathaway who had oatmeal for breakfast and Johansson who has quinoa. The Parchi girl is all for portion control and against skipping meals. Crash diets are apparently something both the Hollywood and Lollywood girls don’t endorse.

Green Tea is Their Bestie and Not Dumbells

Hareem swears by green tea and calls it her bestie. Guess we found a suitable alternate to detox juices, after all. Sohai Ali’s trainer recommends that you consume at least two cups of green tea a day: one in mid-afternoon and the other in the evening, preferably before dinner. There is no such focus on the gym life. Where Ayesha Omer recommends yoga for the peace of mind, Sohai Ali trains with a personal trainer to achieve that tiny waist. In interviews, Sohai has expressed her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and says eating healthy and working out sporadically has helped keep her in shape. So, if you’re not looking to fit into a cat-suit or run in a cropped top, you don’t have to follow such strict diets and cut on aloo qeema after all.

The No-Squats and No Strength Training Needed (Pheww)

Adnan Farooq, local celebrity trainer and pioneer of the Fast Metabolism program that Maria Butt and Karma’s Maheen Kardar religiously follow, has recommendations quite in contrast to Scott Pearlman. Here’s what he says you need to do to achieve slim thighs. No more squats? Amen to that! Adnan says that Keto diet, is not the way to lose weight and nor is over-doing it in the gym, he advocates portion-control and moderation. His take on exploring your limits and working within them is admirable. I guess Pakistanis do find short cuts (bye bye squats). According to Adnan, committing to a life-style change is better than committing to temporary diets. The change in recommendation stems from the fact that our actresses lose weight to have a healthy mind and body, not for grueling, action-packed roles. If you are going to be starring in the next Avengers, by all means pound the pavement twice a day. If you are looking to tone down your bloating and lose weight in way that is easy, effective and not too expensive, moderation folks, is the key.

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