Better than food: Adeel Chaudry is ranked in Top 5 most handsome Muslim food Connoisseur in the world.

We would all agree that we crave delicious food to satisfy our overly demanding tastebuds at all times. However, the latest is that now we have a delicious face behind all that food, in the form of Pakistani chef and food connoisseur Adeel Chaudry. Yummy, indeed. *wink wink*

Of all the food bloggers, vloggers and influencers who shot to international fame in recent times, we think our desi guy Adeel is incomparable when it comes to looks and skills. After all, is there anything more attractive than a guy who can make food look absolutely stunning? And we don’t mean “add sriracha to some Easy Mac” culinary skills. We mean, he has got some actual skills!

This was especially highlighted in July this year when UAE-based English daily, Gulf Today conducted a survey to rank the most handsome Muslim food connoisseur. One of the five contestants was our very own Pakistani national, Adeel, who made it to the list of world’s most handsome Muslim food connoisseurs IN THE WORLD. Nusret Gokce aka Salt Bae, Burak Özdemir from Turkey, Bader Najeeb from Dubai, Abdulrahman Alkassem from Saudi Arabia were furthermore included in the list.

“He has been dubbed as the ‘new-age food Connoisseur’ of modern-day Pakistan,” the Gulf Today noted, “The Chaudry effect has been felt all the way in Dubai”.

Adeel, it adds, landed on the daily’s radar during his 10-day official stay in Dubai while he critiqued Michelin starred restaurants. “World’s renowned food Vlogger Mark Wiens came all the way to try his creations. We have smitten away with his good looks and charm”.

Now, girls, you may be disappointed but Adeel said he won’t be pursuing a career in modelling or acting, even though he has done it all beforehand. *sobs*

“I have a lot of friends who asked me to join the showbiz industry but I think I’ll stick to food right now,” he told the BBC in an interview.

Take a moment and appreciate the man himself. You can thank us later! Here are just snaps from his Instagram account that you can follow as well. You can see lots of food and Adeel himself in his day to day pictures by following him on social media. His activities just can’t disappoint, the guy is totally happening. And he is very much active on social media!

It comes as no shocker that the food industry has long been dominated by handsome men but rarely do we see them being all-rounders in the food business. Adeel is also the owner of a famous eatery in Lahore, named as Junoon. He is running the restaurant fairly well, with crowds rushing to the restaurant for their special delicacies. With a vast menu, Junoon offers Gulab Jamun with Cheesecake which is absolutely loved by customers. We also tried the special drink on its menu Imli Cola Bomb and loved the idea of it.

We are super proud, yes and yes. Now all that’s left for you to do is to hit up his restaurant and you just might bump into him! Excited? Us too!

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