Best Restaurants for Sushi in Lahore

Lahore is jam-packed with eateries offering delectable, aesthetic creations. The menus are extensive, ranging in their diversity from Mediterranean to Lebanese and even African cuisine. With so many cuisines and, then, so many restaurants to choose from, it can get quite confusing when you’re looking for a perfect spot for lunch or plan to indulge yourself with the pampering of a fine dining experience and, that is when sushi comes into play. Lahore is blessed with fine Japanese restaurants, where you can enjoy the food and take pictures for Instagram, offering sushi that will always leave your taste buds satisfied and craving for more!

No one can deny the pleasure of biting into a succulent, well treated piece of uramaki and tell me that sushi is not a soul-healing food. So the next time you’re in the mood for some seafood devouring, hit these restaurants that offer the best sushi in the best city.

  1. Fujiyama, Avari

This restaurant is probably the oldest and most reputable Japanese themed eatery in Lahore. Hailed by sushi lovers as the ‘authentic sushi place’, it is also praised throughout the country for its selection and use of high-quality ingredients and fresh seafood (which is a great feat in a city far from sea). The nigari and maki are the most praised, so is the prawn tempura, which technically isn’t sushi, but a must try if you visit Fujiyama.

  1. Gai’a

Gai’a won over our hearts with its amazing, innovative Pan-Asian menu, mind-blowing taste and the sublime quality of its seafood. Relatively new, compared to Fujiyama, this Japanese restaurant is best known for its flavorsome and beautifully plated maki rolls. Sushi lovers call it the “maki temple’ and the flavors “Crunchy Roll”, “Volcano Maki”, and “California Maki” have been described as ‘to die for’. For the sushi obsessed, they even have the ‘Maki Mania’ which is basically an all-you-can-eat sushi bar. The flavors are bold, refreshing, and the best part is the fresh ingredients which make the sushi shine. Literally.

  1. Bamboo Union


Ever gotten high on sushi? The delicious, mouth-watering, flavorsome maki and nigiri served at Bamboo Union, a contemporary Pan-Asian restaurant, can undeniably transport you to sushi heaven. Less expensive than the other two eateries on the list, the flavors in the Chef’s Special Menu are a thing apart. The pictures provide visual proof of the tasty condiments served. The over-all favorite flavors are the “Spicy Tempura Maki”, “Prawn Tempura Maki” and “Crunchy Maki”.

Tag us with #stylishgravy next time you visit any of the suggested places and tell us what you think. Happy Sushi-ting!


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