Best Cultural Restaurants in Karachi, Experience the True Colors

Nothing can beat Karachi, in terms of diversity. The city of lights has actually made it spread this food culture very rapidly all over the place.

People say people in Lahore are actual foodies, but if you want to see actual Food Lovers, with different tastes and preferences Karachi is the place.

To prove it right here are few different restaurants, which is the authenticity of being an actual foodie

Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi

Desi food has always been the priority on our list, but this is a place where a huge variety of food items are available under buffet system including Mughlai, BBQ, Tandoori, Chinese and more. This Place specializes in presenting the Cuisines of Mughal era, with an outdoor dining setup, surrounding with a castle-like setup.   Foodies, this place gives you a chance to taste different cuisines at one place and beside this an amazing ambiance of royalty, with perfect hospitality by their royal staff.

Location: Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi, 10/A, M.A.C.H.S Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, +92 21 2219000


Another amazing spot, with true color of nature, mesmerizing cinematic view of the Sea and amazing collection of food dishes. Kolachi is a new addition to this food culture and with its amazing taste and service, the entire team has made it possible to win hearts of Karachi Foodies.

Beside the desi dishes, a huge range of continental European style dishes is also their specialty.

Location: Kolachi, Beach Avenue, Phase 8, Creek Side, DHA, Karachi, +92 21 32003628

Café Flo

If you are a huge fan of French cuisine, here is a perfect place to dine in in Karachi.  Café Flo is a known as a hidden gem, started by a daughter of a French countess, nested among the building street of the City of Lights.  The specialty of this place is authentic French and Gastronomy dishes including Smoked Salmon with Herb Butter Chicken, Avacado Puree on a bed of leak. Now, this is a must try and unmissable experience for a lifetime.

Location: Café Flo, D82/1, Block 4, Clifton (Off 26th Street), Karachi, +92 21 35830018

Biryani of the Seas

It is not like any other fancy place for dining in, but if you are a true biryani lover, Biryani of the seas is the place which can fulfill the hunger of actual biryani in your life.

Biryani of the Seas offers a huge variety of Biryanis including, Fish Biryani, Prawn Biryani, Chicken Biryani and more. The key factor of its popularity in today’s competitive market is the blend of proper ingredients and a good amount of spices just the way we like it in Karachi.

I am a seafood lover, what’s your favorite?

Location: Biryani of the Seas, Shop No. 20, Prince Complex, Clifton, Karachi, +92 21 35219090


If you are a Spicy food lover or Looking to experience new and international cuisines than Karachi is the best place.

Ready to explore the Cuisine of your choice?

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