Best 7 Burgers of Lahore to try Before you Die- Part1

Have you tried these best 7 Burgers in Lahore? Foodies get ready because this list is going to set your mouth watering, heart beating and send you running to the nearest burger joint to grab a juicy, sizzling, cheese drenched patty. With so many options to choose from, Stylish Gravy did the survey for all its meat loving followers and has compiled a list of the best burgers in Lahore:

1. Eataly (Double Decker)

Eataly double decker burger. Thick juicy meaty burger

If any burger can take you to cheese and patty heaven, this is it. The double patty wonder is a treat for the true meat junkies. With a hand tossed bun, which smells and tastes delicious and melts in your mouth with a buttery, wheat flavor, this burger will surely earn your “thumbs up”. My burger arrived at the table piping hot. The meat teased my taste buds with its saltiness combined with subtle bursts of smokiness. The cheese was thoroughly melted and combined with the simple, yet scrumptious meaty juices, was enough to give me a fulfilling experience.

2. MOB (Beacon Meister)

As the name suggests, this particular succulent burger was all about making bacon the hero of the dish. The beef patty, sitting on a bed of fresh iceberg and a spicy mayo, was cooked to perfection, but was light on the flavor. The bun was soft and fresh. The bacon, however, made up for the light flavor with its smoky, salty, meaty goodness. The fried egg and American cheddar cheese combined together to compliment the flavors in the burger offering intermittent hints of meaty smokiness and salty, rich taste of the egg yolk and creaminess of the cheese.

3. Rina’s Kitchenette (Smash Burger)

This juicy beef patty attacks your mouth with its flavor and texture from the very first bite that you take. Nestled in a handmade bun with fresh lettuce to provide a refreshing crisp in contrast to the grease from the meat and cheddar cheese, the burger comes with three dips to enjoy your hand cut French fries with. The flavors are simple yet bold.

4. Burning Giraffe (Yans Special Burger)

This burger is the manifestation of the word mouth-watering. A succulent, spicy, grilled beef patty sandwiched between handmade buns that tasted like the softer version of a French baguette, this burger hits all the right flavor notes. The crispy bacon drizzled with creamy, molten cheddar and topped with jalapenos combined to create the perfect burger harmony and have you humming as you indulge in the meaty goodness. I must say, it was a fulfilling experience.

5. BYOB (Smoky BBQ Grilled Burger)

This classic burger, like its name, combines two of our favorite flavors: smoky and BBQ. The charbroiled, thick meat patty offers wonders in way of texture and sets off bursts of flavors on your tastebuds. The star of the burger was the giant onion ring on top of the patty. The crunchy, crispy onion ring complimented the grease of the patty well and the two different textures along with the fresh bun were a burger lover’s delight. The onion ring and beef patty smothered with a secret bbq sauce ensured that every bite was full of smoky, slightly bitter and spicy sweet bbq taste. The potato wedges tied the whole dish together and made for one hell of a burger experience.

6. Howdy (Mutton Jalapeno Burger)

If you want a slight change from the traditional beef and chicken flavors, try this burger concoction of the gods. A double mutton patty, pillowed between soft, fresh, house made buns. The best part was the double layer of sauce and bacon with the patties. The bacon provided the smoky and salty edge to the meaty flavor of the patties and to top it all off was the fire from the jalapenos. The burger arrived piping hot and delicious juices from the patty made this burger an instant star.

7. Awesomaso (Pulled BBQ Beef Burger)

The burger was not a monster in size, but was tasteful nonetheless. The pulled beef was laden with flavors from the broth, spices and smokiness and hence, the flavor of the meat was the star of the dish. Drizzled with a finger-licking good BBQ sauce and served in a tasty bun and fresh lettuce, the different textures and heat from the jalapenos worked together perfectly. Served with garlic mayo, you’d want two of these scrumptious burgers before your heart would feel content.


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