Amazing Biryani Spots In Lahore

We all are aware, if you want to see actual food lovers, Lahore is the only place where one can actually witness. Whether its BBQ, Chinese or any other kind, Lahoris is ready to enjoy the meal at any time. Above all when it is about Biryani, there is a special place in everyone’s heart. No matter how the Biryani tastes, spicy, plain or mix, nobody can say no to it and this love for rice and spice has been the key source for motivating us to share a few amazing places which offer a unique outstanding Biryanis in Lahore.

Biryani lovers this is especially for you, following are the few places offering delicious and economical biryani serving to dine in or takeaway.


  1. Karachi Biryani

Karachi is famous for its spicy Biryani in all over Pakistan and to spread out the flavor, Karachi Biryani has opened multiple branches all over Lahore, Wapda Town, Faisal Town, Johar Town, Barkat Market and main market are the places where people can enjoy this spicy, full of flavor Biryani with tender meat in it, within your budget. The specialty of Karachi Biryani is its limited menu with unique spicy, tangy flavor.

  1. Biryani King

All over Lahore, Biryani King is one of the famous spots for Biryani lovers. It is located in Shadman Market, the best thing about this place is its reasonable prices, which makes it easy for everyone to have a full-fledged meal at any time. Who will say no to such flavor, full meal, at affordable rates? Try it and Enjoy within the budget.

  1. Biryani Hut

If you are in search of a decent, family environment eatery place, Biryani Hut is your spot. In Lahore, Biryani Hut is very well known for its tasty food in terms of quantity and quality too, and amazingly friendly service by their well-mannered staff. For Johar Town and Sabazar Scheme, a great treat is in your area don’t miss it!

  1. Nova Biryani

Biryani is one sensitive issue for Biryani lovers, especially in terms of its flavor and sidelines. Majority likes it with salad and Raita, above this anything according to your taste can be included in the sideline. Nova Biryani has kept all the possible ingredients in their mind and by mixing it all together they have made a perfect layering of spices, rice, and green masala altogether.

  1. Biryani Express

In Lahore, Biryani express is the most famous spot to enjoy your favorite dish “Biryani” for lunch or dinner. It offers the variety of Biryani types on their menu, like Mutton Biryani, Sindhi Biryani and much more. To enhance the flavor, they serve salad and write on their platter, doesn’t it sound great? The wait is over, plan out your lunches and dinners with family and friends.


The distances cannot be a barrier for Biryani lovers, Grab your fellows and experience amazing Biryanis in your town within your budget. When it’s about Rice and Spice, Biryani is the best option. Biryani Lovers, Its Time To Roll!


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