A Guide to Perfect Food Street in Karachi: 4 Amazing Food Streets Must Try!

When it is about Spicy and Desi Food, Karachi is an undeniable winner. Whether the challenge is to deliver yummilicous and outstanding continental food or any other cuisine, nothing can beat streets of Karachi. The foodies wandering around the food streets of Karachi are evident, City of lights can never disappoint in delivering that Spicy Food which has made it famous all-around Pakistan.

If you ever visit Karachi, here is the list of places, which cannot be missed if you are a foodie and looking to enjoy actual spicy food in town.

Hussainabad Food Street

This is a perfect place if you are a desi food lover. It a street of complete variety, Brain Masala to fish fry, chowmein to fried rice, until 3:00 Am you can find this place crowded with foodies of Karachi and the atmosphere filled with yummy and delicious food aroma.


Boat Basin Food Street

Another Source to fill your hungry tummy, with scrumptious food is Boat Basin in Karachi.  If anyone wants to witness, heaven on earth this is the place, Desi to international all cuisines are available on a single never-ending street. The best feature of this street is the atmosphere with proper parking space, even on weekdays, you will find this place crowded, but exclusively on weekends, one can’t even imagine from where just food lovers have arrived. From every corner of Karachi people came here to enjoy Tikkas from the tandoori hut, Nihari from Nihari inn, special Falodas from Baloch and much much more.  Ohhh! I am super hungry, aren’t we having some mutual feelings?


North Nazimabad Food Street

North Nazimabad is the only place, where this Fast Food Chain business started and the concept of having food streets was developed. Like every other food street, this one is famous for Nihari by Delhi Sohail, Damthal Halwa Puri and many more. Now, this shows Karachi Food Streets are full of yummilicous food varieties and nothing can beat the spicy kick like our Food Streets.


Sindhi Muslim Food Street

Sindhi Muslim is just like another Food Street, covering a huge range of food under different international or local identities.  If you are a Fast Food lover you can have KFC, willing to enjoy some desi BBQ taste with spicy chutney and crispy paratha Bundu Khan the most Famous Restaurant is there, if Chinese, Ginsoy the real Chinese food is there and the list keeps on going.

Each street is a better version of Food Streets in Karachi, never knew being a foodie is this much fun. Karachi is a dream city, a perfect place for food lovers to enjoy actual spicy food of their own choice.

It’s a perfect place to live a spice full of life, as it is famous for its spicy food with breathtaking views simultaneously.

I Am A Foodie Wanderer Ready To Experience Spicy Food Are You?

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