7 Easy And Healthy Smoothie Meal Recipes


Smoothies are a great source of energy and specially when you are bored of eating regular breakfast or meals. There is no wrong way to make a smoothie. Any one can make it according to their style and type of food they like to eat. Oats and milk cream has also been used in these recipes but you can use alternatives.



Monday Smoothie

Moringa nice-cream with fruit and few chocolate chunks.


blend  4 small frozen bananas and 1 tsp Moringa powder.

Top the smoothies with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and chocolate chunks or use the fruits of your choice or availability.

Monday Smoothie
Oatmeal Stories



Sticky chocolate peanut butter oatmeal with cherries, topped with cherry yogurt and whipped cream, with a side of big bowl of fresh cherries.


1/2 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup melted chocolate

chocolate chunks

1/2 cup cherries and yogurt and whipped cream

Blend peanut butter and chocolate and pour in the jar with sliced cherries.

Blend cherries, yogurt and whipped cream to your liking and pour on top of chocolate peanut butter.

Oatmeal Stories





1/2 cup oats soaked in 1/2 cup water for minimum 15 minutes 

1/2 cup frozen blueberries 

1/2 cup oat milk

2 tbsp coconut yoghurt 

heaped tbsp peanut butter 

1 tbsp maple syrup 

Throw everything into your blender and blend to the consistency you like the most (I like it a bit chunky) Top with berries, coconut yoghurt and chocolate.


oatmeal stories



3 frozen bananas – handful of mixed frozen raspberries and fresh cherries – splash of coconut milk Blend everything until smooth and serve immediately. I decided to serve it with some leftover coconut chia pudding, more cherries and chocolate chunks . 


Oatmeal Stories




Combine crushed almond, chocolates, and some butter into milk cream and porridge and put in the refrigerator for 1 hours to cool. Combine cooled choco-almond butter porridge with cherry Milk-cream (quickly blended one cup frozen cherries and half banana). For topping add more frozen cherries and chocolate chunks.  Tasted like the best breakfast in a very long time .

Oatmeal stories




half cup oats

half cup warm water

3/4 cup plant based milk of choice or any milk of your choice.

1 heaped tbsp tahini

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp maple syrup

Combine the oats with warm water and let soak for few minutes. Add milk and heat it up in a small pan. Add tahini, cocoa powder and maple syrup and continue heating until it gets as thick as you like. Put the mixture in a jar and cool it for 20 minutes. Add chocolate and strawberries for topping with crushed coconut.


oatmeal stories




It never stops to amaze me how easy it is to make such beautiful and delicious treats with most simple foods .

These are only two frozen and one regular banana blended with tbsp of raw cocoa powder and splash of hazelnut milk topped with natures candy and apricots . 

Oatmeal stories


Thank you Oatmeal Stories for sharing yummy photos and recipe with us.

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