5 store-prepared items you should never buy

Lately, there’s been a lot of debate about homemade versus processed foodstuffs. Attempting to do everything at home can prompt stress but even the most reputed brands often use stabilizers and different fixings to keep food from thickening or to expand its time span of usability. Here are some of the things you should never ever buy from stores for these very reasons:


  • Chopped lettuce

Most organizations slash their lettuce aimlessly- you can’t do anything with those substantial ribs remaining from the harsh hack. You wind up de-ribbing each bit of lettuce, by and large detesting your life

Try squeezing the stem end of the leaf hard between your fingers, at that point utilize the initial three fingers of your other hand to make a “pincher” shape. Then run the pincher down the length of the leaf like you’re pulling a sword from its sheath, extracting the green from the two sides of the rib as you go.


  • Diced mushrooms

Any mushroom junky can tell when her nearby pizzeria has changed to pre-cut (or more regrettably, begun purchasing the tinned, watery kind). Pre-cut ‘shrooms dry out, so on a pizza, you’ll see papery little skins as opposed to stout, bodacious cuts. Mushrooms additionally start getting limp after some time in the cooler. Try not to add to the issue by getting them pre-cut. It’s a help yes, however, those have a tendency to turn sour speedier.


  • Lemon juice

Lemons and limes are fussy and need to be pressed to arrange juice.

Known mostly for its association with gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD for short, heartburn occurs when you feel a painful burning sensation near the top of your stomach. With GERD, you may also experience nausea and a feeling of fullness. Because lemon juice has a high acid content, it can irritate your esophageal lining even further and can exacerbate other GERD symptoms. If you have ulcers or are at risk of ulcers, the irritation from lemon juice can also be painful as it raises your gastric acid levels.

 (There’s a reason you never observe signs trumpeting “three-day-pressed squeezed lemon!”) Pre-crushed juice simply doesn’t tend to hold up well, its flavor changes after some time and store bottles frequently contain additives and sulfites to make it last longer.


  • Chopped garlic

The undeniable truth is that pre-chopped garlic tastes not quite the same as the new stuff. The flavor tends to develop ideal until the point when the minute you utilize your garlic. Consider that the idea of garlic’s taste changes relying upon whether it’s entire, cut, squashed, minced, or chopped. Every planning involves an alternate use. The packaged garlic flavor is watered down in comparison to the crisp stuff, so purchase your garlic in entire heads, and utilize a clove—or a group of cloves—at any given moment.


  • Salad dressing

Alright, there’s some incredible variety of dressings available, I know. Be that as it may, I have a tendency to favor the stuff I make at home, normally indiscriminately, including a 2:1 proportion of olive oil and vinegar to the tablespoon of mustard left at the base of the mustard bottle. I include salt and pepper and perhaps chopped shallot, and shake. Meaning if you can spare five minutes, you can, by and large, make your own dressing and save up on some cash.





All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.

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