5 Comfort Foods to Try After a Breakup

Hey breakups happen, it’s a part of life, where you discover that the person you thought was perfect is not meant for you after all. It’s what comes afterwards that’s the hard part, with the mood swings from extreme rage to missing the person and wanting them back in your life. Needless to say, people do tend to turn to food for comfort that people are unable to offer in this trying time, and food is an awesome alternate to finding the love of your life, believe me. Here are five comfort foods you MUST try if you’re going through something similar or stressful.


  1. Cool Off with Your Own Oreo Ice-Cream

All you need for this is two things: Oreos (or any other cookies you like) and your favorite ice-cream, preferably vanilla or chocolate. Ice cream ranks at 6.9 out of 10 in the happiness index, just after chocolate, and is a great way to beat sadness and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time. Crush the Oreos into pieces and sprinkle on top of your ice cream, mix it up a bit and enjoy your own Mc Flurry if you don’t feel like going out at all.

Source: Chocolate Therapy

2. Brownies turn Frownies Upside Down

It’s okay to have a little sugar in your life and indulge, especially if you’re feeling a little down. Sure, it won’t fix your problems but it will give you a break. Have fun, bust out the ingredients and bake yourself an amazing batch of brownies. Go crazy, and live in the moment.

Source: The Secret Ingredient

3. Melt for Some Chocolate

Not to be too cliché but you need chocolate in your life right about now. Maybe because your ex was a dementor that sucked the soul out of you, or maybe you just feel like you’ll never be happy again, you need to have a piece of chocolate. Dark chocolate is best proven to release endorphins which can give you a feeling of being happy.

Source: Schramm’s Flowers

4. Find the Loaf of Your Life

Enough about sweet stuff, you have the perfect opportunity to have some carbs, it can be anything from a cheesy slice of pizza, to burying your problems into a plate of pasta. Have some carbs and work out the complexities of life.

P.S. cucumber sandwiches are a tasty treat to try in the summers, and they’re healthy too!

Source: besthealthmag.ca

5. Make Healthy Popsicles

It’s okay to indulge and treat yourself every now and then, but you need to remember to eat healthy and not go overboard with the calories. Blend some fruit with water and freeze it into a popsicle. Pop some ice cream sticks when its half frozen and voila! You have a cure for heartbreak and a hot summer’s day all in one!

Source: Google Images

In the end you need to know it’s okay to not be okay for a while, and that eventually time will heal all wounds, and meanwhile you have food to rely on!

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