5 Best Burger Joints in Lahore, Worth Trying

LAHORE! When I hear about this place the only thing which hits my foodie mind is, spicy, tangy, strong flavorful food. YUMMMYY!

New additions have been made, famous joints offering yummy cheesy, saucy burgers, come on let’s explore!

  1. Johnny & Jugnu

Johnny and Jugnu is on the top of our list, as per the rumor it was started by few students of LUMS, as a small joint offering takeaway service only. The best thing about this joint is its economical, full of flavors, it has different variations in their menu, it can be customized just the way you like it with extra topping of veggies, drink and fries. Special treat for Johar Town and DHA. Hunger emergency? Head off to Johnny & Jugnu and grab your favorite meal just the way you like it.

  1. Howdy
    Looking for some different flavors? Howdy it is! Not just the name, but saucy and cheesy range of burgers and steaks have brought them at top of our chart in Lahore’s Burger Industry. Howdy offers a wide variety in their menu, Rango Tango is their Specialty and Best-Selling item in town.
    For steak lovers, they have an exclusive menu.
    Are you ready? Go now, order your meal and enjoy flavorful burgers and steaks.  Locality is not an issue any more. There outlets are located at Johar Town, Emporium, M.M. Alam Road and Packages Mall.

  1. Rina’s Kitchenette
    Where do you choose to eat your favorite meal? For me it starts off with the Ambiance, Quality and Quantity.
    Have you heard about Rina’s Kitchenette? When it is about food a perfect place to dine inn, offers what one can admire to have in their meals. It is famous for its juicy, fresh and yummy mouth melting burgers. It is available in Gulberg and Defence.
    Food lovers grab your wallets and try it out!
  2. Wings
    M. Alam road has a varietyof food chain outlets, but “Wings”, not because of their outlet or the name, their yummilicious, gigantic burgers make them unique and stand out in Lahore’s competitive food street. There burgers are so tempting with overflowing sauces, extra cheese, soft juicy patty WOW! I am hungry, are you?
  3. Gun Smoke
    Gun Smoke, does it need any introduction even? It’s the best place to have a perfect healthy meal in town. Their mouthwatering burgers, mushroom, chicken, beef, offer a complete range of food for a perfect dine inn with outstanding cowboy environment. No matter how good the ambiance is, but a perfect recipe makes it a complete satisfying meal and Gun Smoke has made it possible. If you haven’t tried it yet, then must try it!

After this I am super hungry, Are you? Grab your fellas and let’s have a perfect satisfying meal of our choice. Mine is Gun Smoke, What’s yours?

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