4 Unique Colors of the City of Lights, Karachi Food Street

Karachi is known as the city of lights, famous for its lively weekend, Social lifestyle, Glamorous night outs and much more. Nothing can better explain this city except, it is a cosmopolitan hub.

The most attractive thing about Karachi Food Streets are, they have a variety of cuisines on their list. They have adopted different culture dishes and made part of today’s glamorous night outs.

Following is the list of the most famous and awestruck places of Karachi, which one can never forget.

  1. Port Grand

This is one amazing food street, with an irresistible port view and a huge variety of international and desi cuisine varieties like Al Ghaffar, Afridi Inn, Bistro and more.

Port is a magical place, which leaves you awestruck, it is a perfect example of why Karachi is one of the most popular cities in Pakistan.

In terms of food, it’s totally up to your mood. BBQ, Continental, Desi Cuisines and Chinese all are available at one spot.

Port Grand is just like a one-stop shop in Food Industry.

  1. Do Darya

With the name, it feels like some dreamy place. But once you visit this street, you will get to know the actual worth of this place.  Whether it’s the breath-taking views or the variety of delicious food which is mesmerizing, one cannot decide it.

It is located at main Seaview Road and here you will find different restaurants with different specialties, including Al Habib, Al Sajjad, Kolachi, Kababjees, Charcoal, BBQ delight and many more. Even after you are done with your meals, the amazing view of the sea, birds flying and boats passing by will make you want to stay here for long. It’s a dream to have such lively dinner with such amazing views and it is possible here only in the “City of Lights”.

  1. Burns Road

By the name, you must be wondering, what could possibly be here. But it’s the most famous Food Street in Karachi. Before all the fancy places in this city, this was the only spot where families use to come to enjoy yummilicious food with families.

Burns Road is such unique place that it caters to all from Dall Channa to magnanimous Nihari and Payas.

No matter how many other spots are opened, but every place has its own unique style and the Traditional Style Food is the reason why people prefer to enjoy their weekends with amazing spicy yet delicious food at Burns Road.

  1. Sindhi Muslim

In comparison with other Food Streets in Karachi, Sindhi Muslim is the recent entrant in eatery scenario.

It is located at the closest locality of Tariq Road, Sindhi Muslim Food street is the most top-notch street, here different restaurants are available with their unique signature dishes, including Bundu Khan, Royal spice, Gloria Jeans, Necos by Hobnob and many other.

I have picked my fav spot Ginsoy, what about you?


Karachi Streets have its own glamour and charm, whether it’s the view or Food Street. Whether it is about Desi food to international all is at the corner, one can experience different tastes depending on its mood every day.

Grab your favorite company and explore, ‘The Spicy Food Karachi (City of lights) is Famous For!’

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