4 MUST HAVE Skin Care Products For Glowing Skin

Healthy, glowing natural skin never goes out of fashion. However, skin care is one of the regimes that we ignore for majority of the times unless an important event is coming and we need good pictures. Our skin is under constant duress as we go an about our daily lives. The everyday exposure to harmful UV rays, dirt, pollution, toxins accompanied by mental stress can take a toll on even the healthiest skin and now more than ever, as summer is here, our skin needs replenishing and care. Worry not; skin care regime does not have to be a grueling, time consuming task. We have compiled a list of the most efficient and time saving products that can restore your skin to its natural health and glow.

  1. A mild cleanser (suitable for all skin types)

The harsh chemicals found in anti-bacterial and many other types of soaps, especially the anti-acne ones, do more harm than good to your skin and that is why you need to limit washing your face with a soap to once in every twenty four hours. Our recommendation would be to wash your face with soap when your day comes to an end and you have to get the makeup, grime, sweat and oils all off your face. And after that follow up with a mild cleanser, preferably that has milk or lavender, chamomile in it to soothe your skin.

Cleansers are sticky and oily and they help unclog your pores by removing dirt and oil from the upper layer of the skin. Most cleansers will help remove makeup from the face as well and if soap feels harsh on your skin then go for a cleanser first and repeat again if necessary. Always remember to rinse cleansers off with warm water or else the oils and sticky lotion will remain on your skin leading to skin problems.

A good cleanser is handy whenever you want to wash your face in a hurry and don’t want to carry a moisturizer (in office, school or college). It’ll clean your skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated. Here are some good cleansers that are known for their result:

Nivea Cleanser Milk, Nivea Cleanser Sensitive Skin and Oily Skin, Eveline Cosmetics Cleansing Micellar Milk 3 in 1, Clark’s Botanical Soothing Herbal Face Wash, CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser (buy from Amazon: good for normal to oily skin), Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser.

courtesy Google images.

  1. An Exfoliating Face Scrub

A hydrating, gentle face scrub with small beads is an essential product in replenishing and restoring your skin’s health. Where cleaners are effective in removing dirt on the surface, unclogging blocked pores and removing dead skin cells before they cause breakouts is the role played by scrubs.

Look for scrubs with salicylic acid. This acid is a skin regulator and works by dissolving the debris or bacteria that clogs the pores and causes acne breakouts. Products with salicylic acid are most effective when it comes to combating blackheads and whiteheads.

Exfoliating scrubs with fruity beads or small beads can help clear out pores, reduce the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, and remove dead, dry skin from your face. Make sure not to overdo the use of scrub because that can leave your skin parched and cause dryness. Use an exfoliating scrub twice a week or thrice if you have an extra oily skin. Make sure to follow up with a moisturizer and a calming mist on your face. Some of the best exfoliating scubs are listed below:
Olay Clearly Clean Salicylic Acid Scrub, St.Ives Fresh Apricot Face Scrub, Arbonne FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub (Shop from their site), Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Oil-Free Facial Scrub

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  1. Hydrating Face Mask

After you’re done stripping away the oil and dirt from your face, hydrating masks are next in step to attain a healthy, glowing skin. The purpose of hydrating masks is to FIRM, (yes, masks have anti-aging properties) and hydrate the skin. They make for a good moisturizing agent and have enzymes in them that encourage skin to absorb maximum moisturizer and beneficial ingredients. Another added benefit of hydrating masks is that they help calm your skin after the buffing given to it by cleansers and help reduce redness whilst giving you a supple skin. Some masks have exfoliation properties in them and can be used directly after cleansers without using scrubs if you have  sensitive skin that tends to get irritated quickly.

However, if your skin seems to have excess oil production or you notice the formation of whiteheads and blackheads in your t-zone, then using a hydrating exfoliating mask twice a week with cleansing thrice a week is a good regime. But keep in mind, like all products, do not over-do the use of these masks or you’ll end up having dull looking, dry, flaky skin or even breakouts. Are favorite hydrating/ exfoliating masks are:

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask (order from their site), Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous Hydration Mask by Anese (order from site), So Over It Exfoliating Enzyme Mask by Anese (Order from site), KNC Star Eye Mask (To remove dark circles, fine lines, hydrate under eyes: order from site), Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, Loreal Pure-Clay Detox & and Brighten Face Mask, Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask


KNC Eye Mask courtesy of cosmopolitan.com, other masks courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Anese.co


  1. Facial Serum or Facial Infused Oil

When it comes to skin care, the cardinal aspect is keeping it hydrated and chemical-free. Mst of the damage done to our skin is by our own hands, in the form of stress, unhealthy diets, pollution, exposure to UV-Rays, harsh chemicals in face washes, soaps and even make-up products. So facial serums are the gods when it comes to perfecting skin tones, pigmentation, dry skin, sensitive skin, fine lines, signs of aging, bags under eyes and giving you a natural glow and health skin so like Miranda Kerr you can kiss your concealer and foundation goodbye. Serums are thinner than moisturizer and thus are more quickly absorbed and they might seem expensive but that is because they deliver all around benefits.

Apart from having countless benefits, facial serums usually help refresh dull looking skin and the silky feel of your skin even helps improve your mood. When it comes to facial serums, Miranda Kerr’s KORA organics have won our hearts with their range but they’re usually sold out. So, here is a list of the some of the most luxurious feeling, fast-acting facial serums and multi-purpose oils.

Slay by Anese (order from site), Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder, Advanced Genefique by Lancome, Clarins Double Serum (order from Amazon), KORA organics Noni Glow Face Oil, KORA organics Noni-Radiant Eye Oil, KORA organics Age-deying Phytox Oil

Courtesy of Anese, Google and Cosmopolitan.com

Courtesy KORA organics.



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